Please read the entire FAQ


Q1: What is the first thing I should do when I am added to the group/before I make my first purchase?

A: Do a happy dance, and then read the posts in the announcement section of the Facebook group.


Q2: How do I order?

A: Blanks for Vinyl {sometimes referred to as B4V} operates off of a website. www.blanks4vinyl.com  We do not send invoices. Payment may be made on the website via credit/debit card or PayPal.


Q3: Can I combine different items into one order?

A:  Please do not do this. In stock, ready to ship (RTS) items can be added to any order. You may, of course, order multiple items from the same pre order together.  Combining different pre order items does two things: 1) It holds up your shipment so it takes longer to get to you and 2) Adds to the items that Kelly has sitting in her office if it has to sit with hundreds of items from hundreds of orders waiting for the rest of their order to get in since shipping is calculated for the total order at checkout.


Q4: Speaking of shipping…. How does shipping work? Am I invoiced for it?

A: Shipping costs are calculated at check out.  Shipping is calculated based on the weight, size and the distance that your order has to travel. If a carrier other than the one you chose at checkout shows to be cheaper (FedEx v. USPS, etc.), the difference will be refunded.


Q5: Do you offer bulk discounts?

A: Due to the already extremely low prices of our items, we do not offer bulk discounts as you are already receiving items for a significant percent lower than retail to allow you to mark up and resell to your own customers.


Q6: I saw the same item you are offering for a cheaper price… why is this?

A: There are many different suppliers all who offer similar products. All of our products are closely inspected and ordered from trusted suppliers. Often times we order items that may look similar to what is being run in other groups, but is a superior quality and therefore a little bit more expensive. If there are any doubts about quality after a sample is received, we do not offer the item.


Q7: How do you know what is good quality or not?

A: We order a sample of every item (unless it is similar to another item from the same trusted supplier) to test quality. Kelly orders the sample and waits for it to come in to close the order. She checks the quality of the materials as well as the fit in order to tell customers whether it is true to size or if they need to size up/down.


Q8: Why is it taking so long for my pre order to ship?

A: In order to get the best prices, we order a significant amount of our items from trusted suppliers overseas. Often times, our items are manufactured specifically for us, so the wait time includes manufacturing time, plus shipping time from China, which requires the shipment to go through customs.


Q9: Help! I forgot to add something to my order/I received more orders for it after I already submitted my order! Can you add to my order??

A: Unfortunately, no. We do not store your payment information in our system, so it will not allow us to add to an order.  


Q10: So I made multiple orders… can you combine my shipping so I don’t have to pay it twice?

A: Unfortunately, no. Due to the high volume of shipments going out (and the obvious time crunch), Kelly is unable to set orders aside to look up and see if there is another shipment to combine. IF and only if Kelly notices the name has multiple orders before the shipping process begins, she will ship them in one package and refund the shipping difference. This is not guaranteed and only happens by chance.


Q11: I am wondering when my item will ship… where can I find out about this?

A: In several places. First, check the original Facebook post for that item. Second, if the information on the thread doesn’t give an estimated ship time, click the link to the website listing for that item. Third, check the shipping calendar that is posted on the Facebook wall every Monday. The column on the left is what is shipping from Kelly to the customers that week, and the column on the right is what is shipping from the suppliers to Kelly that week. Please keep in mind that a significant amount of orders come from suppliers in China, so they may take a little while to get to Kelly.  If the item is not listed on the calendar, then Kelly does not have tracking from the supplier for that item yet.


Q12: I ordered a pre order (or apparel) item and changed my mind… can I cancel my order?

A: NO. Since pre orders are purchased using funds from the customers, we do not allow any pre orders to be cancelled (unless there is a manufacturing issue or something similar). All pre order sales are final. Please check your order carefully before submitting your order. We are unable to cancel, add, or make changes to your order after it has been submitted.


Q13: Okay... how about a ready to ship item? Can I cancel that?

A: Yes. You may cancel an order for a ready to ship item (as long as it has not yet been shipped) but you will incur a 20% restocking fee.


Q14: Can I get a refund?

A: We will refund new, unused merchandise with manufacturer defects only. Returns must have prior authorization before shipping the package back to us AND must be made within 7 days of receipt. Once your return is received and inspected, a credit will be applied to your original method of payment within 20 days.


Q15: Once my order is shipped to Kelly, how long until it gets shipped to me?

A: Once Kelly receives the shipment from her supplier, she tries to get it out to the customers within 24-48 hours if possible. However, sometimes she gets multiple shipments at a time or a very large shipment and it may take longer, but rest assured that she works as fast as she can because she wants you to get your items just as badly as you do!


Q16: I missed the pre order but still want to order! What can I do? Are extras ordered?

A: Possibly! The majority of the time Kelly orders extras. IF there are any extras left over, they will be listed on the website and available for you to put them in your cart. It is not recommended on running a pre order based off of extras because a certain number is not guaranteed and other customers may get to them and order them before you are able to purchase them.


Q17: I have an item I am wondering if you can offer… how do I ask?

A: Please use the ISO (in search of) post on the Facebook page. It is linked on the pinned post and can also be found by scrolling through the Facebook page to find it (look for the green/blue/white paisley print picture that says, “in search of” on it)! Please search through the comments to see if your item has already been requested, and if it has, please reply to that comment saying you are interested as well. If you do not see the item you are interested in, please make a new comment with a picture/description of what you are interested in. Please also check the website to see if this item is currently being offered as well.


Q18: I have read all of the FAQ’s and still have a question about something not related to my order… where can I get an answer?

A: On the Facebook page there is a post specifically for this! The link is posted on the pinned post, or you can scroll through the Facebook page to find it (look for the white background with question marks on it)!


Q19: I have read all of the FAQ’s and still have a question about my order… where can I get an answer?

A: Please send an email with your website order number to b4vcustomerservice@gmail.com


Q20: How can I contact you?

A: You can ask on the “question” thread referenced in Q18 or send an email to b4vcustomerservice@gmail.com . We do NOT approve posts to the Facebook wall (to prevent the wall from getting too clogged up), and admins do NOT use our personal messages (PMs) for business. Please do not PM an admin/moderator unless requested to do so.


Q21: Can I PM an admin/moderator?

A: We kindly ask that you refrain. We receive hundreds of PMs and it clogs our inboxes and causes us to miss messages from family and friends. Messages also go to a hidden folder which will cause us not to see your message, therefore lengthening the timeframe to get your issue/concern solved.


Q22: Do you have business hours? When can I contact you?

A: In order to attempt to separate family life with work life, admins (especially Kelly) does not work on the weekends or holidays. If you ask a question over the weekend/holiday it will likely be left unanswered until Monday. You are not being ignored, we just try to carve some time out for our families since we are around at (what feels like) all times during the week. If an admin/moderator is perusing the website and sees your question and is able to formulate a quick response, they may respond to you.


Q23: I see admins/moderators answering other questions on the post but not mine. Why?

A: While all admins/moderators try to help out, there are some questions that only Kelly is able to answer. Other times, we have to look into the issue and it may take some time. Please be patient and don’t hesitate to tag one of us in your question if you have not received a response in 24-48 hours.


Q24: I’m not happy with the amount of time I have to wait for my order. Can I file a PayPal claim?

A: Please don’t. That really makes us sad.  ALL shipping estimates are given prior to ordering and updates are widely available in multiple spots for you to view. You are also able to ask about orders on the appropriate thread if you are unable to find it. There is no reason to file a PayPal claim and it ties up funds that are needed to keep the business running. Please contact us if you have ANY issues and we will do our best to help you.


Q25: How can I make sure I stay up to date on my order status and get an email notification when my order ships?

A: When you make your first order, please create an account on the website. This will allow you to login to your account to check your order status and will allow you to receive emails with tracking when your order is shipped. We insist that every customer MUST be in the Facebook page in order to purchase from the website so that they are in the loop and we are able to contact them if there is an issue with any orders.